Radiesse (1×3.0ml)

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What is in the box?
The main ingredient is synthetic calcium hydroxyapatite, a popular component that has been used for decades by leading medical experts in the health industry.

What are the benefits of Radiesse in facial corrections?
Minimizing the fold between the mouth and nose area
Reducing smile wrinkles at the corner of the lips
Eliminating wrinkles above the upper lip
Treating scars resulting from skin problems such as acne
Correcting nose bumps and chin dents
Adjusting the contours of the lower jaw

Radiesse must not be used if pregnant or breastfeeding. In addition, it should not be used to fight any infections or taken whilst on any other medications or antibiotics.

Your medical professional should be notified beforehand if you have any previous history of implants.

How long do the effects last?
Radiesse lasts longer than other fillers which rely on hyaluronic acid, due to its unique properties in being steadily dissolved into the body. It can take up to 18 months for Radiesse to be completely absorbed into the skin tissue.

Are there any potential side effects associated with Radiesse?
There can be some side effects which can include itchiness, painful muscles, swelling, and tenderness where the injection was applied.


Radiesse (1×3.0ml) contains an active ingredient known as synthetic calcium hydroxyapatite. This product is widely used by medical experts working in the health industry. It is used for minimizing the fold between the mouth and nose area, correcting nose bumps and chin dents, and many more.

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2 reviews for Radiesse (1×3.0ml)

  1. Jaw and Cheek Filler

    I had Radiesse done to help define my jaw area and also had cheeks come in the package. I already had decent structure for my cheeks. My jawline looks amazing, but my cheeks feel very prominent right now, but that could be due to swelling. I have pretty bad jaw pain on one side that makes it hard to eat/open my mouth, so I’m hoping that will subside in a few days. Although my baby decided to head but my cheek right after my appointment so that could have caused the pain. Will keep updated as the swelling subsided.

  2. Fillers Done AMAZING Here , Jesophine From IDAHO

    I bought this filler from Arjunihair.com and I had fillers done in my jawline by his recommended doctor, undereye, and cheeks. Every time, I have almost no wait time and the staff is extremely friendly. The location is beautifully decorated. Since I did multiple treatments, I got a discount and also purchased a gift card that came with free hydrafacials AND cool lifting!! What an amazing deal!! (Always ask beforehand to make sure multiple deals can be used together.)
    My undereye fillers were so amazing. I have always had these sunken in dark circles. No amount of makeup can cover the sunken in look. The fillers filled in the area and made me look so much more awake and youthful!! I loved them!!
    The cheek fillers were great as well, but what really improved my look was the jawline fillers. These fillers are expensive, but a godsend. I have had kybella twice but still wasn’t getting that toned sharp jawline look. The jawline filler here finally gave me that perfect sharp, tones jawline I have always wanted!!
    They did an absolutely amazing job here. Don’t go anywhere else for filler. I look forward to coming back in the future for my lips!!!
    Thanks Arjunihair.com for the delivery and recommendation.

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