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Volume & Packaging: One syringe of 1 ml gel.
Storage Conditions: Store at room temperature.
Dermal filler AQUAMID is manufactured in Denmark by Contura International

Discreet Overnight Delivery to USA & Canada and 3 working days worldwide from within the USA



Deep lines in the face, worry lines, cheek contouring, smile lines, nose enhancement and lip contouring are areas people seek correction via an injectable dermal filler. So, if you are looking for a permanent filler with a long-lasting result, you should choose AQUAMID – a unique soft volume filler with immediate results that don’t disappear or fade over time.

AQUAMID is a biocompatible, non-allergenic and non-absorbable (means remains at the place of injections permanently), injectable sterile hydrogel consisting of 97.5% water and 2.5% cross-linked polyacrylamide. The AQUAMID hydrogel does not contain micro-particles, therefore AQUAMID does not cause tissue hardening or fibrosis and the results are seen immediately.
AQUAMID falls under the permanent dermal filler category and this given, not by a solid product, but by water.

The way AQUAMID works is different from Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers: the cross-linked polyacrylamide forms a real gel, which does not contain any solid microparticles. Being mostly water, the body accepts the gel readily and forms a thin membrane around the implant which helps to keep it in place; as the gel is very elastic, it moves with all facial expressions, thus AQUAMID becomes completely integrated with your body’s own tissue and feels and behaves like it is a natural part of your own body.
AQUAMID dermal filler integrates naturally with the body’s own tissue and does not degrade over time; the aesthetic results remain for many years: AQUAMID has been clinically proven to last in excess of 5 years. This eliminates the need to return time after time for injections.

AQUAMID dermal filler can be used for the following:
• Correction of glabella lines
• Cheek Contouring – restoring or adding volume to the cheekbone area
• Correction of Smile Lines – filling in the folds of the small lines and Nasolabial folds
• Lip Enhancement – contouring the lips, providing definition to your mouth and adding desired volume
• Chin Augmentation – surgery free way to reshape your chin
• Jaw Contouring – restoring any lost volume along the jaw-line or adding definition
• Treatment of depressed scars
Dermal filler AQUAMID is not indicated for the treatment of fine wrinkles.
AQUAMID is also used to correct signs of facial lipoatrophy or fat wasting in HIV+ patients.
AQUAMID is the leading long-lasting filler for nose augmentation. It’s the ideal filler for shaping the nose bridge: contour, width and height can be added to the nose bridge base and projection can be added along the nose bridge. In terms of surgery free rhinoplasty, AQUAMID dermal filler can be used for the following:
• Development of the Nose Bridge: develop the base of the nose and increase projection along the nose bridge
• Correction of Saddle Nose: inject around “saddle” in the nose to balance nose bridge
• Nasal Bridge Augmentation: increase projection of nose bridge to increase overall profile of the nose
• Asymmetries: inject smaller volumes in multiple locations to correct imbalances and add a natural looking symmetry
• Correction of the Nose Tip: add volume or projection of the nose tip to correct any asymmetry or imbalance
AQUAMID has the following advantages over hyaluronic acid dermal fillers:
• No repeat injections: AQUAMID is long lasting while many other fillers last only 6 – 9 months;
• Immediate, predictable results: what is injected is the final result. This enables your physician to correct your looks with precision;
• Natural look and soft feel: AQUAMID is soft and transparent with no micro-particles or microspheres.
For treatment with AQUAMID dermal filler no skin test is required prior to application, so it can be used directly on the skin as a safe, tried and tested product.
The effect of the injection of AQUAMID is permanent. As the initial swelling subsides there will be some loss of volume, i.e. there will be some return of the wrinkle, crease, scar or lip shape. For this reason, 2 – 3 treatments may be necessary to obtain an optimum result.
AQUAMID dermal filler can be removed shortly after the injection if necessary. If it comes to that, a minor surgical procedure might be necessary. The rate of success varies.
Injection of AQUAMID dermal filler causes only mild reaction in the surrounding tissue which is minimal compared with reactions to other foreign bodies. This indicates that the polyacrylamide gel is well tolerated by the human body. There is no calcification, no cancer causing effect, no inflammation and no local allergic reaction.
Adverse effects are seen in relation to 1-2% of injections. These is mostly infection which is easily treated.
Temporary reactions typically connected with injection may appear, for example reddening, pain, oedema, itching at the site of injection


  1. bounce

    I love Aquamid it is great and a cheap way rather than other fillers every few months, tho it is I bit lumps no one notices, I would like to get more in my lips as I have had this for 6 years but I’m scared after hearing other peoples stories!

  2. Francisca

    I had Aquamid in my lips 7years ago and it still looks fabulous today, no problèms at all.

  3. Rosalina

    I had Aquamid 8 years ago. It caused chronic inflammation. My lips would swell and then subside on a daily basis. Four years ago I had my surgeon remove this filler. I’m glad you like this particular filler but to be honest, this filler should not go into mucosal areas, just temples and nasolabial folds. My filler was fine for the first two years, then the chronic inflammation started. I pray you do not have this issue. You look beautiful!!

  4. Mike

    I had Aquamid injected into both cheeks in March,2010 to help with the sallow, hollow face look. For a few years the result was good, although the ‘permanent’ product does drop with aging. In May 2014 the whole left side of me face became very swollen, painful & full of fluid. I had many biopsies & test on what became a large lump on my left cheek. Nothing came back positive, no infection, no fungus, no tumour, just a horrific reaction to the filler i had injected 4 years prior. That settled after 11 months, & adding hyaluronic filler to improve contour. On the 28th March 2015 the right side of my face has done exactly the same thing!!! No one can explain the reaction & its Very disturbing that it happens Post after 4-5 years. AVOID Aquamid totally would be my advice. I now have to deal with my face for another 11 months to get it to look normal, ay more cost. Disaster!!!!

  5. Smith

    I had injected aquamid in my cheeks 3 years ago and on january 08/2009 i had to run to the ER because my right side face was extremelly swelled ,as soon as got in the hospital i did a catscan that show an huge abscess after couple hours i see myself in the surgery room to have the abscess opened(i had general anesthesia).

    I stayed 4 days in the hospital taking very strong antibiotics,after that i went home with a drain in my face that i had to change the packing every single day(it is very painful).After 4 weeks my right face swelled again and i had to go to the ER for the second time and they had to reopen the abscess.The pus never stop,it is almost 7 weeks and the pus still coming out.My doctor told me the only option i have is trying to remove the aquamid but in order to do so he has to perform a surgery and take off,soft tissues,muscle and aquamid resulting in a very bad scar right on my right cheek and a deformed face(dent).Now im taking clarithromycin 500mg 2x day and avelox 400mg.Im really scared to have my face deformed its not gonna be easy but im constantly pain.

    I hope the FDA never ever approve the aquamid in the US. Never trust a doctor that uses aquamid or any permanent filler, just google and you will se several cases like mine.

  6. bryn

    Approximately 8 years ago I had Aquamid injected into my nasolabial folds. I was advised by the injecting Doctor that I could inject on top of the Aquamid with other fillers. Over time as the nasolabial folds become obvious I contacted several cosmetic physicians asking if they can inject on the Aquamid. To date NO cosmetic doctor will touch, go near or inject anywhere near where the Aquamid has been injected citing possible infection and worst possible case necrosis.
    A recent dental appointment has lead to infection, pain, discomfort and severe swelling in the area where the Aquamid was injected. This was never advised by the initial injecting doctor.
    Another complication that is not advised is, as one gets older the Aquamid becomes obvious as the face ages over time and one can feel and see the lump in the area.
    I highly recommend to anyone that is contemplating getting this product … DONT. There are numerous complications that are not evident or obvious or clearly explained prior to injection, only to find out years later. The fact that every single injector and cosmetic doctor I have spoken to do not recommend this product and will not use it. This should be a clear, strong indication of its validity.
    I’m actually surprised it has been allowed to be used In Australia and has not been banned.

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