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For almost instant enhancement in the size of these areas; Breasts
Post liposuction concavities
Round Bubble Shape couple with the Jiggly Natural Feel



Macrolane Buttock Injection
Macrolane Buttock Injection

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1000CC Macrolane Buttock Injection

Macrolane Buttock Injection; The injection can be performed on patients who want to increase buttock volume or reshape them to correct a morphological default such as flat buttocks, or simply to give them a rounded shape. Macrolane injection is an alternative to implants and allows raising buttock volume without surgery and without scars. We provide the best quality so feel free to buy Macrolane buttock injection for bigger butt from Arjuni Beauty Store

Buy Macrolane Buttock Injection For Bigger Butt

Instantly enhance your Breast or Buttocks without surgery!

-Minimum Downtime

-Natural Product

-Instant Result

-Minimum Risk of Scarring

-Under Local Anaesthetic

-Subtle Breast Reshaping and Fullness

A simple easy injection of Macrolane augments the breasts or buttocks to give volume and lift. It is a simple 45-minute procedure and it causes little if any bruising. It’s safe and non-permanent, last just for 12 months after, hence further injections are required. 1000cc KIT = (500cc in each cheek)

Get Bigger Buds With Macrolane Buttock Injection

*A user manual and Demo DVD which gives you step-by-step instructions on the safest way to inject the Macrolane gel.
*Temporal hyaluronic acid- Filler
*1 x 10ml/vial
*Sterile syringes
*Antibiotic to take to prevent infection, a muscle relaxer, garment, numbing cream, anesthesia, and aftercare meds.

For almost instant enhancement in size of these areas;

Post liposuction concavities
Round Bubble Shape couple with the Jiggly Natural Feel

100% Safe All Medical Ingredients
Increase your butt size naturally in weeks!
Also helps to reduce cellulite on thighs and butt!

Benefits with Macrolane body enhancement

The pure, non-animal based gel is injected into the desired area to restore volume.
The benefits of injection treatment are immediate and long-lasting without being permanent.
A single treatment with Macrolane can last up to 12 months because our body slowly metabolizes the biocompatible Macrolane gel.
If you desire longer-lasting results, you have the choice of re-treatments to maintain the aesthetic results.


  1. I had Macrolane done about 4.5 months ago and…

    I had Macrolane done about 4.5 months ago and initally loved the results, however the effects (fullness) has all but worn off(after only 4 months). has anyone else had this experience after such a short time or am I a exception? Alot of money for a very very short time impact.

  2. Had it done a few hour ago. The results are…

    Had it done a few hour ago. The results are instant… My breasts look very natural and regained their fullness (breastfed 2 kids)
    As the swelling subsides they might get a bit smaller or lumpy..thats the only worry.
    but so far so good.
    The prosedure was a bit uncomfortable, but the results are well worth it!!! Just hope they are not gonna change their shape:-) while healing

  3. Day 3 macrolane 100cc each breaay

    I am pleasantly surprised that the pain has substantially decreased, it is more of a discomfort than a pain. Tip part of breast is still hard, though can feel that it has softened in the last two days. Swelling has gone down and the stretchy feeling on skin is also gone. Feels kind of like engorged Breasts when breastfeeding.

  4. No more Ugly Indent

    I went under general anthestic to reduce mon pubis whilst I was being wheeled in i told the nurse I had a change of mind..she ignored me and must have thought it was just the preop taking effect. I awoke all done…very sad. liposuction wasn’t around and the extra tissue was cut away. no room for error however error was what occured. too much was removed and over time the indent became worse. I couldn’t swim or wear tights for the gym. the thought of nakedness around a partner front on is terrifying. Needless to say I am still single. I started searching for a remedy 2 or 3 years ago and was told about Macrolane however this was still in research and I had to wait. Whilst waiting I returned again to the initial doctor for any ideas he might have,we tried fat transfer but this didn’t take too much scar tissue. He suggested other types of surgery but this would involve a skin graph and scar. Then on the news 4 weeks ago a review on Macrolane I couldn’t believe my ears I was so excited, finally, then I found out it’s not available in Australia so I searched for a referral. Now even though I have swelling and bruising I have my mons publis. I also had to have scar release surgery which doesn’t help the view. I will remain hopeful that all works out and post again when swelling and bruising subsides. Remaining positive at the possibility of feeling feminine again.


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